Something’s Cooking!

Just wanted to let you know that Nicholas, my editor, and I are working on a new long-term project. We’re super hyped about it and we hope it will turn into something that is fun for us and the readers! Expect to get to know more about the project and Nick sometime this week!

Saving With Serialization

We went over objects and their state in the last blog post but there is another concept that allows for the creation of more powerful programs. We dealt with changing an object’s state as well as changing its behavior depending on the¬†state, but how do we save an object’s state? Well, that’s where Serialization comes in.

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Happy New Year!

I’m extremely sad that I was not able to follow through on the 30 Day Challenge Project. Although I did write 100 lines of code for 30 days thus completing the challenge, I mostly just spent the days practicing Python and familiarizing myself with my Linux distro.

I’m still actively working on that previously teased post. Progress has been a bit slow lately (I expected it to be posted a week ago) because of work but we’re getting there! Stay tuned for the post and information about a side project that I’m starting to further boost my knowledge of Linux!

Winter Break!

Really excited to announce that I’ve finished up the last of my courses for the semester and I can spend a lot more time on my side projects! Expect a lot of updates for the rest of this month and a portion of next month!

Here’s a preview of what’s to come! I’m super excited!

Samus Aran Running Animation







Samus Aran Sprite





And here’s a code snippet:

if (player.GetState().IsKeyDown(Keys.Right))
player.CurrentAnimation = player.AnimationList[3];
player.direction = "right";
player.position.X += player.speed;

Thanks for reading!